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Marriage Status: Single
Country: Spain
Date of Birth:  July 8th


Jan 2019- Now: Business Development Manager EMEA and Latin America Engineering , in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Marketing, Comumunication, Sales, Pre Sales, Engineering, Integration & management.

May 2017- Dic 2019: Latin America Engineering Manager, in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Sales, Pre Sales, Engineering, Integration & management for  LATAM Customers.

Jan 2016- May 2017Digital Broadcast Systems Manager, in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.)Integration & management for different European and LATAM Customers.

Jan 2014- Now: Digital Broadcast Systems Manager, in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Consulting and Project Director of technical renovation for Frecuencia Latina chanel, at Lima, Perú. National private television. Developing tasks of technical direction consultant, procurement, monitoring costs, organizational structure, management staff recomendations (500 people), training,...

March 2011- Jan 2014: Digital Broadcast Systems Manager, in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Integration & management in the second phase of Digitalisation for the Historical Archive of Televisión Española (one million hours), based in technology by Tedial, Diva (FPDI), DDN, EMC2, SUN STK 8500, etc.

October 2010– February 2011:   Project Manager in the Engineering Department, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A). Developing the Deep Archive of Radio Television Española, a Project that archives one million hours, with Tedial, Diva, EMC2,…

2008 – Now:   Contributing in the TM Broadcast magazine (Audiovisual Technology  and Engineering), writing articles on a monthly basis.

January 2010 – October 2010:   Project Manager in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales in the Engineering Department. Project Manager for the tapeless system in the news and programs for Televisión Española in Sant Cugat (BARCELONA), in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Based on the Avid ISIS & Interplay technology, for the news, programs and Sports (Teledeporte) including the archive system Archive Manager from Avid with the HSM from DIVA and Storagetek SL3000, the project includes consultant services, management and support in the digital workflows of production and archive.

February 2009 – February 2010:   Consultant service for the digitization and archive of the deep archive of Televisión Española (one million hours), in the Projects Engineering Department at Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (T.S.A.). Planning, design, structure and qualification of all the archiving solutions on the market, as well as initial start-up management of the project.

April 2009 – June 2009:   Consulting and Technical Direction of TV Zimbo, Angolan national private television, located in Luanda (Angola). Developing tasks of technical direction, procurement, monitoring costs, organizational structure, management staff (30 people),...

2008 –2010:   On line teacher for the Spanish Radio and Television Institute IORTV (RTVE). 50 students

September 2008 – Now: Audiovisual consulting non-profit, for the Sahara´s National Radio RASD, through the NGO Association of Friends of the Saharaui people Asociación de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui.

2006 –2008:   Project Manager of the digitization of TVE Spanish Television News Services in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (TSA). Technology-based in Avid Isis and Interplay for digital news production, and Harris Invenio content management system. Including the ntegration of traditional audiovisual systems, ingest control, studio control, non-linear editing, master control, ... emission studies under Harris system and Avid MediaStream servers, ... including the integration of digital archive system of Harris INVENIO with DIVA management and STORAGETEK SL8500 robotics, as well as consulting and assist in the preparation of all digital workflow for production and archive.

2006:   Project Manager of Canal Extremadura TV, on Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (TSA). Design, configuration and project management with technology-based on Dalet, with Omneon and NettApp to digital television news. Video File format  based on type DV for news production and MPEG-2 for play out under Harris automation  and SeaChange server, as well as traditional television systems; digital control ingests, sets, studio controls, non-linear editions... Archive is based on DIVA from Front Porch Digital and Storagetek L700e library.
2005 –2006:  Project Manager of Radio Televisión Autonómica de Aragón in Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, (TSA). Design, configuration and project management for the entire television, technology-based on Avid digital news and archive television with TEDIAL and ADIC Scalar. Viva Xframe as radio systems. Also traditional television engineering, Play Out under Harris automation and Omneon server, central control, sets, three studio controls, non-linear editing with Avid, post-production audio, sound, ...

2002 –2005:   Project Manager in the Systems Department, Broadcast Area, on Promotora de video, S.A. (Promovisa). Project Manager at Disney Channel, Tapeless system based on Avid Technology, with Profile, SeaChange and TEDIAL, Responsible for the design, implementation and commissioning of the system of tapeless global content management system in different production areas under Tedial applications, and implementation of the Play Out area, under the system Drake.
Project Manager at RTVCM (Castilla La Mancha TV) in the areas of play out, archiving, documentation and operations of the Tapeless system based on Tedial software, with Drake automation systems and Avid Airspace broadcast video server.
Project Leader in the Senado, in the areas of archiving, documentation and Tapeless system operations based on Tedial software.
Project Manager on BTV (Barcelona Televisió) in the areas of play out, archiving, documentation and Tapeless system operations based on Tedial software, software Multicon broadcast video servers and Avid systems.
Project Manager at Presidencia del Gobierno (Spain Prime Minister), for the area of archiving, documentation and control of television signals, based on Tedial technology
2001 – 2002:  Project Manager at Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, in the area of production engineering.
Coordination and responsibility of the production area and master room of Play-Out of TSA's.
Project Manager for the TSA Play-Out: Harris Automation System for 8 channels with Louth automation and SeaChange servers. Near Video on Demand. (NVOD) of 34 channels under EMC2 server, automation EMC2 Celerra Media Server and encoding to MPEG 2 Thomson, Digital Vision and Argus.
Various audiovisual engineering projects, as mobile units, editing rooms, ...

1999 –2001: Head of Operations, Continuity and Emission Control, Department of Play-Out, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales.
Chief of special play out events, weekly soccer league, sports events and direction of multi-camera realization in TSA for Via Digital, staff functions under the responsibility of Operation and Play-Out (30 people).
Collaboration in the management and coordination of the department of Play-Out (80 people): play out of channels, Louth automation systems (EVS, Seachange, EMC2), SGI-Lysis, Flexicart Sony, Vector 3 (Mcon, Vector Box) Profile servers ..: PPV Boxes Via Digital, Canal Campero, Beca, GeoPlaneta, Cadena del Milagro, Tu Farmacia TV, Megatrix, Hallmark, Via Mundial, Canal Metro Madrid, Locomotion, Galeusca, Galicia TV, Playboy TV, Vacaciones TV, Mosaico Via Digital, Punto de Venta, SCT, RCT, SexView, Don´t Panic, Gigashopping and advertising in football of Via Digital, Champions League, Euroleague, ... changing formats, judicial copies, cut editing, trafficking materials, video, holding events ...
In Vía Digital, Hispasat, Euro TV, TVE América, Canal Satélite Digital, Digital + plattforms.

2000:  Writer of the Book  “Formatos de Grabación de Vídeo”

1997-2000:  SONY Spain collaboration:
Trainer of play out system in Canal Vivir- Vivir  with Sony Flexicart STAS-10 broadcast system.
Training different customers on the operation of various VTRs; DVW-A500P, DNW-A100P/A75P, briefcase SX, DNW-75P BVW-...
In The Sony´s Training Department, doing operational courses, manual translation and layout and creating documentation of workflows.
In projects such as the News system of Telemadrid:
Introduction to digital Sony News Network system, nonlinear editing system with DNE-2000, MAV-555 server, System of nonlinear editing DNE-1000, System servers with MAV-1000. Filing with BZN-5000, Broadcast System BZN-5000 On Air Terminal for News.
Training on linear editing systems A / B Roll with BVE-910 ...
Training cut editing systems with Sony VTRs, preread functions...
Exhibitions and demonstrations at customers such as Broadcast '97 of different non-linear editing systems such as ES-3 and ES-7.

August 1997 – December/1999: Technical Operations, Play Out and Control of emissions. Play-Out Department, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales.

1996/1997:  TV director of: diverse Promotional Videos Surveillance as MBI for ECU Films (Madrid), assistant director of the company's corporate video MERCASA ... type programs for ARGANDA TV Magazine (Madrid) and production work at Channel 7 Tv ...

1996:  1st Production Assistantº, in the cinema film “La persistencia de la Memoria”. Coproduction between Spain and UK, E.C.U. Films S.L. e Infinity Films Ltd.


1994                B.U.P. Santa Maria Marianistas. Vitoria-Gasteiz

1996                Advance curse of cinema scripts, Ateneo, Madrid.

1994/ 97         Diploma of Direction, Production y Broadcast Operations, C.E.V. Centro de Estudios del Vídeo y de la Imagen., Madrid.

2011/ 12          Post-grade in the Telecom Business, by Universitas Telefónica in collaboration with Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. MBA style with duration of 750 hours. 

2013                Programa de Liderazgo y Desarrollo Personal, Excelencia en Liderazgo by LIDERWARE with duration of 36 hours.

2016                 AVID Certified Support Reprenstative, ACSR of Media Composer (MC400) and ISIS.

1997                Play Out system, Sony Flexicart, by Sony España.

1997                Video and Digital televisión course, by Tektronix

1997                Play Out system @3 on air and E.V.A. Software, by Aavs. 
N.V.O.D. (Near Video on Demand), by Lysis and Silicon Graphics.

1998                Play Out system Odetics Main Controller and Roswell, by Promovisa.

1999                MPEG2, encoding and digital compression by Tektronix. (Livingstone).

2000                SAP by Deloitte Consulting.

2001                Video Server course CMS by EMC2

2001                Louth Automation course by Harris Automation.

2002                Drake (DAL) Automation course by DAL Automation.

2003                Linux Administration course by Afina Sistems.

2004                HSM course DIVA by Front Porch Digital.

2006                Installation and administration course of News system Avid Isis Interplay by Avid UK.

2010                Different user and administration courses of Avid Interplay tools.


WINDOWS: 7, XP (Proffesional), Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008 Server, Unix, Linux, Apple Tiger, Leopard,...

Knowledge of basic network configuration and architecture of different equipments as Enterasys, Cisco… 


English: Medium level
Euskera: Basic level

Italian: Basic level
Portuguese: Learning

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